Steph is a shy guy who likes to keep to himself, he keeps his pen pretty tidy and uses his litterbox really well. He's a nice hay eater but very picky when it comes to greens. Steph needs someone who is willing to be patient with him and allow him to get comfortable before trying cuddle with him, once he's comfortable with you he will give you all the cuddles you want.
Owen is an precious little guy that can be quite the handful. He is very friendly and does not mind being pet. He is an expert at bunstruction and needs someone who is able to provide him with lots of toys to chew on and keep him from getting to bored. He loves hay and his favorite greens are lettuce and kale. Owen would do well in a family home.
Derrick is a lovable little guy who loves to do binkies. He can be kind of shy at 1st but if you sit on the floor with a couple treats he will quickly warm up to you. He also likes when you lay on the floor and cuddle with him. He would love a home where he is able to run laps around the room and have plenty of places to flop.